10ème conférence biennale de la société européenne d'économie écologique
18-21 juin 2013 Lille (France)

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Elizabeth Shove is Professor of Sociology at Lancaster University.  She has recently completed an ESRC funded fellowship, “Transitions in Practice: Climate Change and Everyday Life”, http://www.lancs.ac.uk/staff/shove/transitionsinpractice/tip.htm, she is a member of the Sustainable Practices Research Group,http://www.sprg.ac.uk/,  and is about to become  co-director of DEMAND, a five year research centre dealing with the dynamics of energy and mobility demand starting in 2013.   She is author of “Comfort, Cleanliness and Convenience: the social organization of normality” (Berg 2003).  More recent books include “The Dynamics of Social Practice” with Mika Pantzar and Matt Watson (Sage 2012) and “Sustainable practices: social theory and climate change”, edited with Nicola Spurling (Routledge 2013).

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