10ème conférence biennale de la société européenne d'économie écologique
18-21 juin 2013 Lille (France)

ESEE 2013 Best student paper prize

ESEE 2013 “BEST STUDENT PAPER PRIZE” (deadline : June 6th, 2013)

For students only: The ESEE Board and ESEE 2013 organising committee are happy to inform you that a Best student paper prize will be awarded, at the end of the conference, during the closing plenary session scheduled on June 21st. 4:00 – 4:30 pm. To be eligible to the prize, candidates must have a full paper ready in englishand send it to the following email address: esee2013-beststudentpaperprize@sciencesconf.org, by June 6th, 2013 (official deadline). To be reviewed and eligible to the prize, the paper must be signed by a Master or PhD student as the only or first author. Of course, papers written by several students are also eligible to the prize. Papers belonging to the poster session are not eligible, since there’s already a Best poster Prize which has been launched.

The Best student paper prize includes 200 £ in books or Journal issues offered by Wiley and a three-year free ESEE membership. Furthermore, the student prize committee (composed of ESEE Board members and ESEE 2013 organising committee members) guarantees the winning paper a refereeing process that will lead to at least an “accepted with major revision” publication status in “Environmental Policy and Governance”. 

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