10ème conférence biennale de la société européenne d'économie écologique
18-21 juin 2013 Lille (France)

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Andy Stirling is an interdisciplinary researcher at SPRU, where he codirects the STEPS Centre and Sustainable Lifestyles Research Group.  Focusing on challenges around ‘opening up’ more democratic governance of knowledge, research, science, technology and innovation, his work addresses issues like: uncertainty, precaution, scepticism, sustainability, resilience, diversity, transformation, progress, participation and power. Andy has served on advisory bodies for the EU on Energy Policy, Science in Society, Collaborative Research, Sustainability and Science Governance; for the UK government on toxic substances, GM crops, public engagement and science advice; and working groups of the Royal Society, Nuffield Council, UN IHDP, Global Energy Observatory, Demos and the Green Alliance. He’s served on boards for several journals, Greenpeace International, Greenpeace UK  and on the Research Committee of the ESRC.

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